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“Dessign To Deliver”

We are experts to design and deliver your projects for comfort and maximum utilization of space for smooth working conditions of laboratories.

Our professional staff coupled with high training and in-depth knowledge to provide the core requirements to a successful laboratory projects.

Plinth Design Modules

Plinth Mounted design have a completely flexible modular solution. Each modules will have independent base frame which is also act as a skirting . Leg space and keyboard tray shall be provided as per your requirement

C Frame Design Modules

C frame furniture system are specially designed to meet modern Architecture. C frame design are extremely good in aesthetics but it has low load bearing capacity. C frame can be used with floor standing base cabinets ,mobile units and affixed with suspended cabinets.

Fume Hoods

Fume Hood is typical hood that is placed on the bench above storage cabinets. SFH is most often used in the QC & R&D Laboratorises to protect the scientist and chemist from harmful substances like. Heazardus gases, vapour , acidic fumes from the laboratory through exhaust system.


Chemical Storage Cabinet are manufactured using the utmost care since hazardous chemical must be store appropriately. it is manufacture with no exposed metal parts and it is fabricated using acid resistant material like PP (Polypropylene). All joints are carefully welded and that too without using any fasteners.

SS Clean Room Furniture

The Company For Long Been Providing Clean Room Equipment And Allied Equipment To Buyers All Across The Globe. Manufactured In-house And Assembled With Supreme Quality Components, The Equipment Is Used In Applications, Like Laboratories, Packaging Rooms, Environmental Test Facilities, Automotive Manufacturing.


Office Furniture (Wooden)

Our Office Furniture has been designed to meet the ever-growing needs of business processes. These products are made to last longer and they come in different colors, sizes, and design. We use high quality latest technology and raw materials in order to provide top-grade products. We are offering made-to-order products at competitive prices.

PONTOS - Key Benefits

PONTOS is proud to retain a constantly growing roster of global customers who continue to benefit from our product offerings. PONTOS offers guarantees that make us stand out in the competitive lab furniture industry in offering the best price/quality ratio products, efficient support, and much more. These are a few key benefits that we continue to

Competitive Price Guarantee

We offer competitive products at the best possible prices.

High Level Of Standards

Our products are built to meet and exceed latest global standards.

Effective Team Work

Our team uses available resources, and works together as a single unit to deliver the best for clients.

Quality Assurance

We always maintain an utmost level of quality in offering products or services.

Furniture Design

We offer most advance technology to fulfill client's every requirements.

Creditable Integrity

We adopt the principles of the creditable integrity to demonstrate our commitment to the client’s success.


Pontos Labcare Pvt. Ltd.

Where We module Your Visions

+91 7043214296

Pontos Labcare Pvt. Ltd.

Where We module Your Visions

+91 7043214296

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